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Common washing machine problems


If your washing machine is going to break down we all know it's going to happen when you've already got piles of laundry to do. But most common problems can be avoided by giving your washing machine a little bit of attention.


Here are some top tips from our engineers:


Check the connections and hoses

  • Bent or loose hoses can cause a flood, so check everything is properly connected. Check there aren't any kinks in the pipes.

Try not to overload your machine

  • We know it's tempting to squeeze more in to avoid doing extra washes, but your machine has a limit. If you overload the machine you might unbalance the drum.

Give it a good clean

  • You wouldn't clean your dishes in a dirty sink so make sure the drum is clean. Wipe out dirt that gathers in the seal and don't forget to check your lint filter.


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